On April 7th, 2003, when Dr. Atkins fell at the corner of East 55th Street and Third Avenue in New York City, nobody questioned the real cause of his fall.
       Many people saw a tall man sliding on the ice, his legs in the air falling on his head and striking his skull on the sidewalk.
       Now, almost one year later, after wired remarks by a famous politician, powerful groups are taking the opportunity to attempt of destroy the image and work of Dr. Robert C. Atkins.
       That wonderful medical doctor and I spent many hours together discussing his controversial ideas and concepts, most of which I approved.
       In his memory, I dedicate my book "Emagreça para Sempre"(Lose Weight For ever), published in Brazil by Loyola.
       Look at some of my pictures of Dr Atkins and myself and you will see that he was not a fat man and in my medical opinion was in good health. When I visited him frequently at the Atkins Center in New York City, I had trouble following him up and down the stairs.
       I was introduced to "Bob" many years ago by my dearest partner, the esteemed American physician, Mitchell Kurk, M.D. Dr Kurk knew Dr.Atkins for many years and belonged to the FAIM, group, the Foundation For the Advancement of Medicine, of wich Dr.Atkins was President. They had monthly meetings at the Atkins Center for many years.
       The USA today article in February 2004, first page had an interesting article. It told of the food industry that manufactered refined carbohydrate products was losing money an example given was Domino, factory that produced white sugar, and occupied an entire city block in Brooklyn had closed its doors and dismissed their employers(about 2000 people).
        Understandbly, that powerful group would stand to benefit by attacking and destroying the integrity and ideas of Dr. Atkins.
        But they shall not.

                                                                                                                                       Odilza Vital

See the pictures below

Dr. Odilza, Dr. Atkins and Veronica in the Tavern of the Green
Tavern of the Green. Party of 70 years of Dr.Atkins
October 17th, 2000 - Tavern of the Green - 70 years of Dr. Atkins
Veronica and Dr.Atkins - October 2000 - Tavern of the Green - 70 years of Dr. Atkins
Seminar in New York City - October 2001 Doctor Odilza Vital and Veronica in Intercontinental Hotel
Atkins Center - Inside the clinic in Manhatan - 2001
2nd Seminar - Adolescent´s Health - 6 months before his death - October 2002
Invitation  to write the foreword of the book " The Revolutionary Diet of Anti Aging - May 2000
Veronica and doctor Odilza Vital
In New York at the Atkins Center - Dr. Robert C. Atkins dedicating to Dr. Odilza Vital your last book " Atkins for life "

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